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Becoming Takumi

Becoming Takumi

There is a popular theory that states that after 10,000 hours practice, one can become an expert in any given skill. At Lexus, a quarter of a century of practice is required to become a Takumi Master Craftsman. That’s 60,000 hours practice.

This extensive time is spent practicing and refining minute precision. The result is a group of superhuman Takumi Master Craftsmen with razor sharp senses. These ‘Takumi’ are the guardians of our craft at every stage of production.

This approach to craft is a philosophy that runs throughout the business, which the Takumi are responsible for passing onto the new generations. Each Takumi will train their youngers to ensure that their expertise, their tradition, and the Takumi spirit develop in all the new talent. This is why we know that nothing is crafted like a Lexus.

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