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Top 5 Myths on Importing Japanese Cars

Top 5 Myths on Importing Japanese Cars

Myth 1 - It's Expensive

False. You usually save about 25%, but 35% is not uncommon when importing a car from Japan. What you would pay for a $12,000 vehicle from your local dealer, you could buy the same or similar model for $8,500 or less by importing.

Myth 2 - You can Import very few Models

Nonsense. You get even more option when importing cars from Japan. Local dealers just cant accommodate every model, but when you go to the source all models and equipment options are available. You also have access to Japans auctions and used cars as well. Any car for sale in Japan is potentially yours.

Myth 3 - It would be Hard to Sell any car I Import

Absurd. There are many crafty people who import and resell Japanese cars for a living! The difference between the import price and their selling price makes them a tidy profit. They can offer more models of cars than the local dealers and can often beat their prices to boot.

Myth 4 - Only Older Models are Available for Import from Japan

No Way! You can get cars released exclusively in Japan and have a very rare model compared to your country's stock. You can be the first to get models that haven't made it out of Japan yet by filtering through dealerships to your area. Once again, any car for sale in Japan can be yours.

Myth 5 - Importing Cars from Japan is Complicated and Difficult

While the idea sounds daunting there is a guide available. It makes clear every step of the way to import cars from Japan to the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia. It details all the tricky business like customs and registration in easy language. So enjoy your Japanese hot rod today!

For more information and the guide come see my blog:

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